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Claudio Gómez, a Colombian naturalized Mexican, a merchant, swindler, and liar, is forced to go to Eagle Pass to sell his truck in order to pay off a violent and cheated customer. After a long journey and several attempts, no one shows interest in the truck. In a moment of desperation, he decides to destroy it to claim "total loss" from the insurance. His plan fails as the truck ends up stuck in a pipe and won't start. He abandons it in the middle of nowhere near Torreón and starts walking along the desert road. On his way and upon reaching D.F, he decides to start a new, a life without swindling or lies. However, it's too late; the Torreón Police inform him that his truck has been found with a dead body inside. Claudio can't believe it; the nightmare has begun. The dead man is the son of El Rojo, a feared criminal in the area. 

From now on, everyone calls Claudio "The Colombian". He is interrogated by Arturo, the chief of the local police. Claudio tells the truth, but Arturo doesn't believe him. El Rojo wants to interrogate The Colombian to find out who killed his son, while El Coyote, El Rojo's “Compadre”, wants to kill Claudio to ensure he won't expose his daughter Vanessa: the murderer. 

Arturo, realizing Claudio's predicament, wants to use him as bait to catch El Rojo. Claudio finds himself in a dead-end situation, where he tries to escape by telling the truth, or at least a partial truth.

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